Product & Freebie Usage Rules


By visiting/purchasing from www.lauriecosgrove.com and shop.lauriecosgrove.com you are agreeing to all usage rules.




Laurie Cosgrove Design products & freebies are licensed just for you – professional photographers – to use with images you have taken and are selling to your clients.  They may also be used by you and your employees (yep, you can share with your team) for your personal use and advertising.



My products and freebies cannot be resold either in template form or in a physical store. You may not use the designs to create products for sale other than for photography clients in the scenario mentioned above. With that said, contact me to purchase a commercial license if you would like to gain special permissions for a project, product or service.



As a graphic designer you may use the product or freebie for your clients as long as you personally are customizing the design for them and sending it to print. You cannot alter the design and call it your own or sell the product in an online or physical store. If creating a custom design, please let your client know that you are using a template and it isn’t exclusive to them. That way they won’t run into the same design elsewhere and think you stole it. That would be awkward.



Laurie Cosgrove owns the copyright to all products and freebies. When you purchase a product or download a freebie, you are not purchasing the copyright but a license to use them within set boundaries. For this reason you are not allowed to copy or share purchased products with anyone other than your employees. If you own multiple computers, you are free to copy products onto the second computer as long as you and your company are the sole users of that product.


Refunds & Exchanges



I completely understand that errors happen! If you made a mistake while purchasing or forgot to use your discount code at purchase, please contact me within 24 hours of your purchase. I will be happy to refund you for the discounted amount. Or perhaps you realized you needed to have Photoshop (and you don’t) so you can’t use your template. Contact me within 3 days of your purchase and I may be able to refund your purchase!



I love creating products for you and hope you love my work! That said, sometimes I might slip up, and there’s a typo in your template or a misprint in the description. While that stinks, what’s most important to me is that you’re happy. So while I can’t guarantee that all information is always 100% accurate at any given time, if you do notice a mistake? Please don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know so I can remedy the problem!





All designs in the shop are digital, so no physical shipping takes place. See details below…



If you purchased an instant download product, you will receive your download link right away through WooCommerce. You can find it by checking your email or logging into your account in the shop. Included with the files will be instructions and info about where to download the fonts for free.



If you purchased a Pick Six Bundle, within 24-48 hours you will receive an email* from me with links to download your files. Included with the files will be instructions and info about where to download the fonts for free. Please contact me right away if you do not receive your email within 48 hours as it can sometimes get picked up by your spam filter.

*Note: Sent to the email address associated with your account. If you would like it sent to another email, let me know and you will receive your download link within 48 hours.



I recommend printing with Mpix.com, Mpixpro.com, Millerslab.com, ProDpi.com or WHCC.com as all templates are set up with one of these specifications. You are more than welcome to use your local printer and just double-check sizing. Most of my templates are standard US sizing.



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